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Writing the final year dissertation or project may be the first time that you have engaged with a truly autonomous piece of work during your time in higher education. Depending on the way in which your dissertation module is organised and managed, it is probable that you will receive no formal lectures or seminar guidance in the way that you might for, say, an essay or exam based piece of assessment. Instead, it is likely that you will be appointed to an academic supervisor - someone who will be able to guide and support you with your chosen theme or area of study.

Student and staff experiences in the dissertation

It is important to think about the nature of this relationship. Both the student and supervisor may have questions and expectations about each other's role in this process. What do you, the student, expect from this relationship? How much time will the supervisor be allocated to supervise you? What does the supervisor expect of you? These and other questions are worth considering when you start the dissertation module.
In this section, there are a number of resources that you are encouraged to look at. They address some of the above questions and look at ways in which you might approach this relationship. It is hoped that you will think through the responsibilities that are being placed on you with this type of assessment and recognise that this can be a very challenging but also a rewarding way of learning.



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